Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nokia 3120 Classic

So after the disappointment with the E51 , I decided to go for a cheap and simple bar phone to do the basics. I ended up buying this phone, selling off the E51, and pocketing some cash, not much though.

The phone is very simple and light. It has all of the functions that a celly should have without any fancy selling points other than it's a quad-band. In my opinion if you want to get something fancy, just go with an iPhone instead of screwing with all the peeps trying to pump out something that ultimately tags out as the loser.

The keys have a consistency of glossy plastic and that makes it feel like a toy. That's certainly something that I could've lived without but oh well. The D-Pad as well as the side keys are are all pretty average with nothing special to comment about. There is also a camera on the front of the phone, but it doesn't work...WTF. I guess it only activates if you have some cool network infrastructure feature that probably only exists in Japan.

I use Bluetooth to sync with Nokia's software suite which then syncs with Outlook's calendar so that's a neat feature. Note that the Nokia software will NOT work with Vista x64. The phone does have this ass-small micro-USB plug. I've never seen this plug before I got the phone. It's smaller than the USB plug that is commonly used in the smaller external HDD enclosures. Why they decided to use a plug that almost nobody has a cord for is beyond me.

The battery is average. With regular use/recharge times, I've never had a low-battery beep sound off.

The OS is an older Symbian version and something about it is slow. You click a button and there is a .5 to 1 second delay. It's annoying as all hell when you're used to everything being lightning fast, like when typing on a keyboard. A good analogy would be web-surfing on an Apple or minimizing/maximizing for that matter. There is what I call "The Apple Delay" and damn is that annoying. The only difference between Symbian and Apple on this similarity is that Apples are slow because they want things to look pretty while Symbian is slow because their programming sucks.

So if you want a simple quad-band phone that can be used anywhere in the world then this $70USD cell fits the bill. I got it off Ebay from some store in HK since all US postings were all around $130.

  • Cheapish
  • Quad-Band
  • Does the job
  • Micro-USB slot
  • Glossy keys
  • Non-functioning front camera
  • Delay-filled UI