Thursday, January 08, 2009

Man, what luck

So it all started last Saturday when I arrived back in the US. My stomach was a rumblin' for some odd reason but I assumed something I ate was bad during my last night in Shanghai. Anyway, I had to use the loo but there was this odd pain that occurred. This odd pain was in my lower right side below my belly button. I thought nothing of it of course because my stomach always seems to have a mind of its own. As the day dragged on with me waiting in various lines and waiting for a plane to arrive, I continued having these odd pains where I did or did not have to go to the restroom. This continued on for the rest of the day. About every 20 minutes I would get a 1-2 minute wave of pain like a person was stabbing me.

The next day was more-less the same. Of course I thought that my tummy just had to get over something I ate, but it was kinda odd that even during the evening of the second day my stomach was still fucked up, considering that I had returned to my original diet.

The 3rd day, Monday, was still pretty rough. In the back of my mind I thought something might be wrong because yeah, nothing ever lasts for 3 days with me. 2 is the max, but I usually go back to homeostasis in one 24 hour period. I waited 'till the evening to see if the pains would go away but it didn't. There was also some blood...yeah so I told good ol' paps about it and he thought it might be something of concern cuz it was localized in only a certain "special" location.

So I got hauled to the emergency room to have tests run on me. I'll just say that waiting in the ER sucks ass. It took over 9 hours to get from me giving them my name to me going into surgery, just an FYI. So after sitting in the nurse triage, getting vitals, and waiting forever, I finally got a back room. There I got my blood drawn, pissed in a cup, and waited for the results.

The blood tests came back as normal. They were wanting to see if the white blood cell count was high which would be indicative of some sort of infection, but it came back normal, if not a tad low. My dad pretty much told the PA to give me a CT scan cuz that was the main reason we were there.

The CT scan machine experience was nutty. They had me drink this huge bottle of colored, splenda-filled liquid that would help out with the coloration of results. They then took me into the machine room and hooked me up. Yeah I dunno what was in the IV fluid, but whatever it was, it seemed to have magnetic qualities or perhaps that was my imagination. When the machine started up my legs and midsection got this odd, warm feeling to it, and then when the machine scanned my stomach area, it felt like that scene from X-Men where Magneto extracted the iron from the guard's blood.

The scan results came back and yeah, I had an inflamed appendix. for me. The second the results were positive, everyone at the hospital became much more proactive in getting me some damn service. It was as if they think that all patients are full of shit unless some result comes back saying otherwise. They got me into surgery pretty fast, like 40 minutes or so and yeah the rest I barely remember.

Recovering in a hospital sucks. The nurses come in to poke at you every hour or so and the IV machine always beeps up a storm. I had to stay for an extra day cuz my GI system was not moving at all. That sucked even more cuz the hospital didn't even have WiFi so I literally sat there looking at the wall for a fuck long time, just like in the recent plane flight.

An appendicitis is just another one of the many freak occurrences that I was never made aware of. What haven't I ever heard of this being a random thing that can happen and it not "caused" by anything really. All I can say is that it is very odd for this to have started on the day I arrived in back in the US. If it would've happened in China I'm sure there would've been a much more interesting story, but with a more depressing ending.