Sunday, January 11, 2009

City of Ember (Family Adventure 2008)

See this movie was what The Golden Compass was supposed to be, a family adventure that was actually enjoyable.

The story seemed to be taken straight from Fallout, a post-apocalyptic, underground city that housed the remnants of civilization. But at the same time it was similar to Logan's Run in that escaping to the surface was the driving force that coaxed the plot along.

The story was O.K., as were the actors. The main guy was annoying though so be forewarned. The movie didn't try to make it anything more than it was, so that won it some points. Directors these days seem to have issues with making films simple and to the point. I saw this on a plane so yeah...anything was better than nothing. Who knows if I would've had a different opinion had I been back at home.

One thing that made me think was that Bill Murray was in the movie and he really didn't do anything at all. He just stood there with his Dr. Peter Venkman face while a camera filmed on. He did this during Lost in Translation too. How can a person get paid actual money for doing nothing? Man...the life of an established must be good.
Rating - B