Saturday, January 31, 2009

Babylon A.D. (Action 2008)

Yeah I know...but when your expectations are already low, you can't really be that disappointed right? This movie was one of those where everything you see in previews = exactly what is in the movie. There's no additional cool scenes or anything because you've already seen 'em all.

The plot was kinda like Children of Men in that Vin Diesel had to escort a chick to a final destination. It was not like that movie because virtually everything else about it sucked. The hand-to-hand fighting scenes sucked, one snowmobile chase was fair, but the dialogue and special effects were highly lacking. Michelle Yeoh is an O.K. character actor, but as a primary she's kinda too boring. Mélanie Thierry thinks that she's hot, but really her puffy lips make her look like a victim of a cheap surgery.

In the end, the film was totally pointless. It's one of those that doesn't have a good ending and didn't have any story to build up on. It's like watching a whole movie consisting of a camera pointed at a checkout clerk at a grocery store. It's pointless and very much a waste of time.
Rating - D