Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Latest Rant

So a week or so ago I went to this job interview. One of the peeps whom I spoke to was this chick who was younger than me and was, from what I could see, one of the more attractive females inhabiting this town. Right from the get-go I could tell that she was fairly uncomfortable being in the same room with me, much less having to shake my hand or trying to maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Any male from the AZ crew knows what I'm talking about when I explain "the look".

It's when an attractive female sees you, knows that you're within her same age group, but categorizes you into an unfuckable category, like a rock or a hubcap. In addition to this categorization, your apparent social class, physical physique, or racial appearance is so foreign to said female, that she becomes nervous, intimidated, and highly defensive.

This happened on numerous occasions back in the undergrad days when a bunch of us would mob over to some party where the majority of peeps there were non-sorority-bitch, White chicks and a few random dudes. This was contrasted by our group, which consisted of a nice mix of Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Whites, and hybrids. When we all came through the door, all the smiles on the girls would disappear, conversations would quiet down, and purses would become clutched ever so tighter. It would be the same reaction that you would have if someone made a sudden move towards you, breaking your personal bubble.

These situations would usually lighten up after the host of the party greeted us, showing that he at least knew who we were and that we were probably not there to rob, rape, or pillage.

The point of the story is that this chick had that same look on her face throughout the whole damn interview because there was no host who could vouch for me and settle her nerves. Judging by her hair, jewelry, pants, and shoes, I had no problem classing her up in a second:
  • Not a sorority bitch during college, but wanted to be
  • Middle to upper-middle class family
  • All white females friends
  • Lifetime interaction with minorities limited to - Purchases (food/drink or retail)
  • All ex-boyfriends:
  • -White
  • -Drove a truck (Silverado, F-150, or Ram) or Jeep (Wrangler or Grand Cherokee)
  • -Wore a dirty hat (Fitted, baseball team logo)
  • -1st concert ever attended "Metallica"
  • -Native Nevadan 3+ generations
  • -Owned numerous hooded sweatshirts
  • -50/50 chance of having sported a large belt buckle
  • -Wore outdoorsy boots
While there, all I wanted to do was to throw an opened pack of mustard at her brightly-colored shirt so that when people walked by, they could look at the hideous stain and inquire:
  • Stranger - "So, why do you have mustard all over your shirt"?
  • Girl - "Oh, because I'm a skanky bitch".
One interesting thing that I've come to the conclusion of is that sorority-bitches, even though they're all hookers at heart, are classy enough to put on a good presentation and hold their own in a situation where they have to interact with people whom they would normally not. This is maybe because inside, they think that they're better than the people around them and can draw from that source of confidence. This is opposite with females like the one in my story. These girls are, as a friend likes to call them, "suburban-trash". They're usually highly sheltered in their own middle-class world with the same friends they've had since elementary school. When they see an outsider, like a minority for instance, they're scared shitless because they've never actually had to interact with one. They soon discover that watching TV-sitcoms and movies have definitely not prepared them for the task of actually having an educated conversation with someone different from themselves. Internally, they choose flight instead of fight, but they can't run anywhere because it's their job to stay exactly where they are, displaying their pussified cowardice with their jerky facial movements, loss of eye contact, and continuous readjustment of crossed legs.