Tuesday, August 12, 2008

P.S. I Love You (Romantic Drama 2007)

Well this movie was a total chick flick. Usually films directed at a predominantly female audience will have some scenes that guys would enjoy or find entertaining, but this one had none of that. It was a 100% emoting circus that I couldn’t buy into because Hilary Swank, even though she is a good actor, is not at all attractive thus my sympathy for her character was nonexistent.

The film was about Swank’s hubby dying and how she had to deal with that type of a loss. Out of the blue, she receives a package from her dead husband with instructions to do stuff. The plot plods along as she jumps through all the hoops that each new arriving letter says to do. All of this cumulating at the end where she somehow learns to be strong again and turns over a new leaf to get on with her life.

Although it was well organized with relation to the story and the adaptive skills of the main character, I was still not entertained. Maybe if I were a highly sensitive girl it would've been different? I don’t even know if some of my female friends would enjoy watching this because some parts were seriously too sappy for its own good.
Rating - C