Monday, August 11, 2008

Assassin's Creed (Action PC Game 2008)

This game was definitely touted as being something different. The teaser cinematic was very well done and it later got a good reception from other reviewers. Like always, I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

The story was pretty good starting out. You played this cocky assassin who ended up failing a mission because of your arrogance. A fellow peep got killed during the process, so you got "busted down to private" and had to take missions all over again to gain back equipment and skills. The main plot was also a story within a story, so at the end I'm sure a few plot twists would've come to light. Unfortunately I never got to that point.

The teaser cinematic I saw ended up being the main, initial one, so yeah it was good. Throughout the game there were various cut scenes but they weren't real cinematics. During these scenes there was a lot of talking. The dialogue in this game was so slow and it was so pointless to listen to all the blabbing because in the end your mission was to kill someone. I couldn't find a way to skip all the talking so that was annoying.

The gameplay felt like a console game. Early on, it was quite apparent that the game was designed with only a console in mind. I didn't like that all that much, although I knew what I was getting into from the start. The game was still playable, but it seemed much too simplified for a PC.

The graphics were good. Very impressive level design and art direction. You really felt like you were in the middle east during the Crusades. A lot of detail was put into this. Being able to freely climb around was also very impressive. It was nice to be able to interact with one's environment.

Sound & Music
The sound, music, and voices all added to the player being immersed. All thumbs up here.

The game was fun while it lasted, which wasn't as long as I would've liked. After the 3rd mission, it became very repetitive. Getting extra weapons or moves was not enough to keep my attention. All of the missions were the same and all of the locations were more-less the same also. Everything still looked and sounded stunning, but the gameplay was just not there. Again, this was a console-type of a game and I haven't been interested in those in a very long time. I'll give it props for doing something different and being immersive, but look elsewhere if you need long-term playability.
Rating - Mid