Friday, July 11, 2008

WALL·E (Animated Family 2008)

Good ol' Pixar. They never seem to disappoint, but this one was definitely different. I'm not sure if it was becasue Wall·E was a robot and didn't have any speaking parts, but without the quirky dialogue that Pixar is famous for, a lot of enjoyment went out the door.

The movie was good, but others have been better. Let's hope that this was an isolated event and not becasue Disney now owns Pixar. Who knows how much influence the parent company has on film projects like these. Disney lost its animated story flag a long time ago.

From the beginning, the movie seemed to drag on for a long time. And even when things finally did happen, the story still didn't seem to connect with the audience. I believe this to be it's only flaw.

Kudos to the team who produced this film becasue it was very apparent that a lot of time and effort was spent making the robots express themselves with the use of only voice tone and body language. That was impressive, considering that the two main robots didn't really say anything other than their names. Animation was good, as was sound and music. I did like the whole "green" theme that the movie was based on.

This was a good movie, but almost all of Pixar's other films were better. I'm blaming this on the fact that there was not a lot of dialogue, but who really knows. We'll see how the next one performs.
Rating - B