Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dark Knight (Action 2008)

Oh wow, where to even begin? One of the last movies to receive my highest rating was The Prestige, and guess what? The same writers and director did this film too. Needless to say, they got one new fan for life.

This movie was unbelievably good. It started out with the same feeling that Batman Begins did, but soon afterwards, the intricate plot, in-depth character development, and fantastic music carried this movie to a whole new level. When the plot seemed like it was going to end, along came many more twists and turns that added more whipped cream to the frappuccino. I didn’t expect any of the “extra” story to be integrated, but when it was, you knew that this was definitely not your average action film.

The core theme of the movie was not simply good guys vs. bad, but a much deeper look at human nature and the good and evil in everyone. How is an average Joe ever supposed to think of this concept and write a screenplay on it? I sure as hell couldn’t.

The acting was very good from the late Heath Ledger. It’s pretty sad to think that he actually had the skills to be a great actor. Him, becoming the character of the Joker couldn't have been done better. He played a role that was worlds away from what he was in A Knight's Tale or Brokeback Mountain...worlds. I can only shake my head at the loss of such talent to the movie industry.

This whole package was very impressive. It showed that action movies have the potential to contain a deep plot while still maintaining the adrenaline-pumping standards of the genre. I think the director and writers Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan have successfully placed themselves on a very high pedestal. We can only sit and wait for their next film to be released. But for now, believe the hype.
Rating - A+