Friday, June 13, 2008

Living in China (June 13, 2008)

Ha! It’s Friday the 13th…how coincidental.

OK so get this. It’s 73 degrees outside with 88% humidity. It is currently 7:00PM and the last time my hands touched running water was around 1:00PM. Supposedly something is “wrong with the pipes”, so the apartment complex that I live in as well as the whole campus itself is without water. Prior to this I went bathroom hunting since I had inadvertently used up the single reserve tank in my bathroom.

This school has 2 teaching buildings with around 7-12 floors each. I took a peek into the bathrooms on a few of the floors in each of the buildings and needless to say, the prevailing stench of each stall was repulsive. No AC or ventilation in the teaching buildings....fucking nasty. Supposedly for the next 3 days, we will only be “rationed” (3) 1.5 hour slots throughout the day when water use will be temporarily restored.

Can you picture what life is going to be like? I can tell you…foul. So now I’m sitting in my apartment feeling hot, sticky, dirty, and very unclean. This fucking backwards country sucks. "Developing" my ass. They have a few more centuries to go until they can measure up with what the U.S. was back in 1950.