Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iron Man (Action 2008)

Do you actually want to get your money’s worth when you go to the movies? See this one and you most certainly won’t be disappointed. Remember the first time you saw Spider-Man? Yeah, you’ll pretty much get that same warm, fuzzy feeling.

This movie was both clever and funny. Robert Downey Jr. was a perfect Tony Stark, as most people would agree. If he could just clean up his act and not be busted for cocaine all of the time, he would actually have a pretty good career going for him. Yeah a lot of the quick wit and smartass comments that came out of his character were gold. The action, special effects, story, and cars were all great in this movie. The Audis were insane, like let’s trade in a few kidneys insane. Gwyneth was in this one too, but I don’t like her with red hair. It looks trailer-park cheap. Also, I’ve said it more than once, but girls have to realize that bangs are ugly as sin. Why do they continue to think that it looks good? It looked like crap in the 80s and it still looks like crap now.

The special effects of all of the mechanical robotic stuff working to put on the suit was great. It was just like how the marine was equipped in the Starcraft II trailer. There were numerous scenes with this happening, so you got to see the detail and the overall coolness of it all.

I was obviously satisfied and entertained with this movie. This is another good example of a comic book film done extremely well.
Rating - A