Friday, May 30, 2008

The Heartbreak Kid (Comedy 2007)

This movie can be remembered as one of Ben Stiller’s average flicks. He never really seems to hit gold with anything. I wonder if it’s him or the films.

Parts of this movie were actually funny. I laughed around 6 times, if memory serves me correctly, so that’s O.K. for a comedy. A chick named Malin Akerman was the main girl and for some reason I totally thought she was Kate Hudson. Weird hu? They both have blonde curly hair and they kinda look the same. Anyway, there were a few scenes where she was totally talking dirty in bed and that shit was raw. Dialogue kinda went into the 5th dimension with that, but it was still funny.

Like I said, it was an O.K. movie, but nothing that's worth wasting more than a dollar over. There are better ones out there.
Rating - C