Thursday, April 17, 2008

Becoming Jane (Drama 2007)

The first 75% of the film shoulda been renamed to becoming sleepy, because it was oh so boring. The main reason for this was that the dialogue was not modernized in the slightest, meaning that everything was overly wordy and in many cases, very confusing. While watching this without subtitles, I barely followed the plot. Only after I started watching it with the subtitles, did I actually begin to understand what was going on. Weird how one’s reading skills can be sometimes better than one's listening skills. I guess I’ve been reading subtitles for too long.

So the movie was about Jane Austen’s life prior to her becoming a famous author. Since I don’t care for any of her 18th century books, the film meant nothing to me. You can call me uncultured, but I care not, because this period of writing is very bland and too proper. I do have to admit though, that Pride & Prejudice and Emma were decent films.

The latter fourth of the movie was kinda decent, so it surprisingly won some points with its strong ending. Anne Hathaway's acting was good. Her British accent was very convincing, but I think she has played a lot of roles in the past that had this as a requirement.

This wasn’t my type of movie, so my score is very biased. I’m sure other peeps who are fans of this type of literature will be more generous with their point distributions.
Rating - C