Monday, March 24, 2008

The Mist (Thriller 2007)

I was actually really surprised, for this was an O.K. flick even though many of the characters were totally exaggerated. The movie was about a large group of people who take refuge in a small town supermarket after a mysterious mist comes down from the mountains following a huge storm and starts killing people.

I wouldn’t define this as a horror movie, but it certainly is one for the sociological books. Most Stephen King books that make it to the big screen or television are always a bit lacking. Yeah, I should know after my very short stint as an extra for Stephen King’s craptacular made for TV movie Desperation. Sadly I was cut and dropped on the editing room floor, but I still made my $125 for two days work.

Anyhoo, the acting and characters in this film were not normal in that their random subset of the population who would be in a grocery store behaved way too irrationally to be taken seriously. Thankfully, a few of the more annoying peeps were killed off fairly quickly. The rest of the film was all about how peeps become stupid and uncivilized when they are scared out of their wits and start losing their humanity.

The main antagonist in the movie was this zealous Bible thumper who just pissed me the fuck off every second she was on screen. I felt a ton of hate for the character...a ton. Luckily, the most gratifying head shot ever was received by her, so that made it all better.

The ending of the movie was tragic, but I still think the fateful decision was a bit premature. All of the mist creatures were straight out of Half-Life, as was the plotline relating to the military and other dimensions.

It was an enjoyable watch. I would've liked it if there was more military action, but we have to make due.
Rating - B