Saturday, March 29, 2008

Juno (Drama 2007)

Now why did this movie get nominated for Best Picture? I didn’t see it as standing out from the rest of the pack. The movie was definitely different, but it wasn’t spectacular in any way.

If HS kiddies really talk like they do in this film, then I’m definitely out of the loop. The use of made-up words in this movie is astounding. It puts a whole different twist on modern slang, but I’m sure most of the words aren’t universal.

Ellen Page performed pretty well as the main actor, but that does it for the positive statements. The music was way too earthy and the fact that the characters in the film liked so many crappy, pre-80s bands was just too much to handle. It reminds me of an old roommate who enjoyed listening to bands that nobody else knew, just so she could say that she was an expressive, unique individual who didn’t follow the norm. Personally, I’ve never heard music from any indi band that was worth their beans.

Although I chuckled a few times, I wouldn’t consider it a comedy. As a drama, I would say it was only mediocre and was nothing special.
Rating - C