Thursday, February 14, 2008

We Are Marshall (Drama 2006)

This was an inspirational sport movie that wasn't made by Disney for once. Was it any good? Yeah it was alright, but it lacked the simplicity that often comes from most Disney films.

The previews pretty much gave you the premise of the movie. A college out East had a tragedy happen to their football team back in 1970. The remnants of the team petitioned the school, in a very unorthodox manner, to keep their football program alive. The school gave in to the student body, hired a new coach, and started their football program over fresh.

A lot of the drama after this point was not understandable because I, for one, have never gone through a situation that would universally affect families, a school, and a town. I guess it would be pretty bad because the film showed how a lot of the key players in the town kept on being turds for no apparent reason other than blind anger or frustration. The story kept on going off on how the town was “hurting” and that putting a losing, sub-par football team back together so quickly after the original team had died was disrespectful or something. All I know is that the director was trying to show something, but the message was totally lost on me.

Matthew McConaughey's skill at playing an eccentric head coach was O.K., but I don’t know if I was more annoyed at him or the role that he was playing. He always dressed so freakin’ bad, but I guess the 70s were like that. Anthony Mackie, some random character actor, was actually fairly convincing. Hopefully his career starts to take off somewhere.

It’s pretty hard not to try to compare this film to Remember the Titans, but when the comparison is made, this movie falls below it. I'm guessing that the partially confusing drama and the odd characters must have something to do with it.
Rating - B