Friday, February 15, 2008

Stardust (Fantasy Adventure 2007)

For an adventure movie, this was actually quite entertaining. I am a fan of Claire Danes though, so that definitely played a part in me enjoying the film.

The movie was a magical adventure, chalk full of witches, princes, amulets, spells, and stars as primary sources of imaginary drama. Michelle Pfeiffer and De Niro did terrific jobs with their characters while the main character, played by Charlie Cox, was both blah and uninspiring.

The story didn’t linger much, so that was good. Character building was kept to a sparse minimum, but I’m sure that was done to cater to the younger crowd who would be watching this film. I guess that is how you tell the difference between a film that is catered to a young vs. older demographic. Young peeps like things direct, obvious, and quick, while older peeps have higher expectations and enjoy depth and quality.

It's a fun little movie that's worth a watch if you just want to see something simple that doesn’t suck.
Rating - B