Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Once (Drama 2006)

This was a little drama about two poor musicians who, by fate, came together to write, play, and record a few songs after barely knowing each other. It’s supposed to be a love story of sorts, but in a more down to Earth setting.

The music was O.K., but only one song survived long enough to make it into my collection. A lot of the other songs were normal “guitar” type of songs which I rarely like. Yeah everyone who knows me knows that I hate those poser fucktards who play a guitar and think they’re so damn talented when all they really need is some detergent to wash their dirty, pot-smoking selves.

One thing I didn’t like was the personality of the main dude. He was way too pushy in trying to spend time with the girl, like harassing her multiple times a day. He was lucky she liked him or else he would’ve been flagged a creepy stalker or something. Pushy people suck. What ever happened to subtly?

The movie was fair. It was of perfect length, which I thought was great, because a lot of times directors and writers waste too much time putting BS in as fluff. There was a little too much singing though, but that’s probably because I didn’t like most of the songs.
Rating - C