Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michael Clayton (Drama 2007)

Syriana was the first film Clooney did that was memorable enough to be considered decent, and this one would be his second. There’s a good reason that this was nominated for best picture. Do I think it deserves it? No, but only because I was lucky enough to clear a second film on the nomination list.

This movie was all about a guy, Michael Clayton, who was a lawyer who worked for some big wig firm and had the responsibility of legally cleaning up other people’s problems. The plot was not too complicated but I’m sure you can read up on it somewhere else. All I need to tell you is that Clooney’s acting was terrific and the story itself was excellent. The plot wasn’t super intricate, but it was full of multiple, key characters and it had a lot of detail. It also used morals as a guiding catalyst for the story; ironic that most everyone in the film was a lawyer.

This one stood out because of a very strong story, but that was probably the major highlight. So even though the package was good, it wasn’t great, so thus it probably doesn’t deserve any additional accolades that it doesn’t already have.
Rating - A