Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Atonement (Drama 2007)

This was the last movie I saw on the plane. Even though it wasn’t planned, I ended up saving the best for last. I wasn’t sure what to fully expect because the preview didn’t strike me as anything out of the ordinary, but most of the reviews had been exceedingly positive. Would I be one to agree with the majority? As it turns out, yes I would.

The movie utilized a ton of time jumping to tell a story. I’ve seen this style attempted a good number of times, but most directors usually fail at it. Luckily for us, the director, Joe Wright, has more talent than some of his peers. The film was a lovey-dovey drama flick that had a romantic subject, but was not a romantic movie. The storytelling style was fairly unique; I’m guessing because it was all based on a book. The introductory character scenes with Knightley and James McAvoy provided a convincing foundation, but their acting was nothing spectacular. The story was what eventually made this film stand out, just like The Notebook in that regard. The cinematography was tastefully done and had a hidden, artistic twist to it.

The highlight of this film was its music integration during the final few scenes. A number of tears actually formed, believe it or not. All the kudos goes to the story and music. Since I’ve not seen all five films nominated for Best Picture, I can’t say this one is destined to win, but it’s currently the solid front-runner. It’s also the current top dog for Original Score, but I haven’t seen The Kite Runner yet.
Rating - A+