Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Witcher (3rd Person RPG PC Game 2007)

Ever since I was a small little tike, I’ve always liked RPGs. The first one I ever played was Dragon Warrior, on the old school Nintendo. Of course Final Fantasy got released in or around the same time and I got hooked on that too. Over the years RPGs have gone through many transitions, some of them being good while others being very bad. I suppose it’s a good thing that people are still trying to keep the genre alive considering that one of my favorite genres, space combat simulation, is beyond dead. This game started out as a normal RPG, but the separate elements that make up the whole package ultimately lead to its demise.

The plot was pretty bland because they used the old amnesia excuse and called it a day. Your character is a wandering witcher (guy who kills baddies) who has no past but can put up a good fight. You meet up with a few other witchers and are soon attacked by unknown baddies. After the battle ends, everyone goes their separate ways to try to figure out who attacked you and why they wanted to steal some magical object that was in the possession of the other witchers. Cdprojekt obviously didn’t invest in a creative writer to think up this story.

The intro cinematic was a pretty good one, but I’ve seen better. It sorta gave you a pulse as to what the game was all about, but all those good feelings were short-lived.

I didn’t like the gameplay all that much. It worked off of the Aurora engine, and because of that, it kinda sucked. You had 3 choices of what “view” you wanted: high 3rd person, low 3rd person, and “over the shoulder”, which was a very close 3rd person with FPS-esque controls. All of these sucked because you never knew if the game was turn-based fighting like KOTOR or action-based like Zelda. Leveling was overly complicated as was the skill tree. Magic was lame because of the engine, and there was nothing else to fighting besides different battle stances, like with a warrior in WoW.

The controls sucked. Using the WASD keys for the “over the shoulder” was a lame way of moving your guy around and clicking a million times, like a chick playing Mindsweeper, was equally as lame.

This was a fairly demanding game, so I had to lower the resolution and kill all of the graphic settings in order to make it playable on my lappy. When I maxed out everything, the game looked very pretty, but alas.

Sound & Music
I didn’t notice any of the music or sound because I was too busy clicking my stupid character and coaxing him to whip out his sword before he got his ass kicked because he involuntarily decided to sheath his sword a few seconds after every battle.

The game sucked. I’m sure if I had gotten further into it, maybe there would have been some little things that I would find amusing. But if the gameplay and controls were such ass, then what’s the use? I believe I had similar feelings when I played NWN2. Even though I tried to like this game, I just couldn’t stand how it played.
Rating - Low