Monday, January 14, 2008

The Ultimate Gift (Drama 2006)

Only on a plane would I ever watch a film with a title like this one. It pretty much has religion stamped right on its cover, and everyone knows my opinion on religion.

Yeah the whole movie was totally predictable and totally cliché. All of the characters fit their respective stereotypes perfectly, as the audience was forced to follow around the main character as he was introduced to different experiences in life, which ultimately made him a better and more down to Earth person. Yeah…bullshit. This was an extended after school special that would’ve been more appropriately placed, if it had debuted on the Lifetime channel. You would really have to be a simple-minded person to be moved by this film.

Thankfully I haven’t seen anything that is similar enough to this movie for me to make a comparison, but take my word for it that it sucked. It was unconvincing on many levels and it also lacked overall finesse. I would probably even use the word corny.
Rating - D