Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sunshine (Sci-Fi Drama 2007)

This movie was a “diamond in the rough” of sorts, but I’m sure this opinion will differ among people. It reminded me of The Fountain in terms of cinematography and the debatable factor of how good the movie was or was not.

Personally, this one won points with me because the music integration (MI) was so damn good during multiple scenes. It has been a long time since a film has stood out because of this attribute. Unfortunately, the makers never made an OST to go along with the movie’s release. The background, ambiance melody was also very spot-on considering that it was based in space. A lot of time and energy was put into the MI, so I definitely appreciate the effort full-heartedly.

The only negative part of this film was the addition of an extra character towards the end of the plot. It seemed lame and inexplicable; so much so, that it totally ruined it for me. Most of the positive points that the movie gained during the beginning and middle were eradicated in one fell swoop. I suppose it was necessary to add this character to have some “drama” injected into the story, but fuck that. If they wouldn’t have added the character and just continued on, using regular human nature as the driving fuel, this film woulda been great, to a whole different level.

Even though I’m sure the movie deserved a lower score, I will give it a high one because it was so damn close… The writer, Alex Garland, needs a little bit more direction, but I think he has the potential to do great things in his writing career. And check it out, he wrote The Beach, another favorite of mine that could’ve been great.
Rating - B