Monday, January 07, 2008

Saw IV (Thriller 2007)

I’m sure people have heard the statement, “quit while you’re ahead”, and most people can understand its meaning. Unfortunately, the makers of the Saw series don’t really seem to have a grasp on that whole concept. This film is the 4th iteration of a series built on gore, and it’s certainly not for the squeamish. The stories with the first two were pretty good, as the plot twists during the end sequences made for a satisfying “Eureka”. The third one was still O.K., but it didn’t provide anything new in terms of plot. And unfortunately, this 4th one followed the same, stagnant equation.

Seeing a new mechanism that can deal out pain and death is nice and dandy, but exactly how many can you actually watch while still finding the concept interesting? Everyone has their own number, but I can safely say that I’ve reached my limit. If you only have these psychopathic devices as the main form of entertainment, it does get old. The plot twists are sometimes cool, but not when it happens out of the blue and doesn’t give the audience any sort of hint as to “if” someone is a bad guy or not. Showing how someone is bad without providing any sort of foreshadowing is lame and is not creative at all.

Using the same equation for 4 movies displays a distinct lack of originality. I would say, “I hope that this is the last one”, but the ending of this film was left open-ended, so there will most likely be another one; and it’ll probably be exactly the same as the others. Stop with this series already!
Rating - C