Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Family Member!

Yesterday morning was an exciting day for the family as my sister gave birth to a baby girl. Hellz yeah, go girls. We can all teach her how to be a badass in this modern world, for who really wants a male child. All they will do is grow up and enjoy stupid things like playing sports, wearing hats, and dressing like a poser.

So yeah, the baby was close to 7lbs. and was healthy all around. They are much like puppies in terms of entertainment value though. They sleep, eat, piss, crap, and sleep some more. Supposedly her eyes are blue/gray, but that will change into something different as she gets older. I find it humorous how my sister, of all people, is now a mother. Hilarious for all of those who know her.

Of course seeing this baby does not, in the slightest bit, stimulate any thoughts of getting one myself. I get a funny feeling whenever I see a nice looking car, becasue I want it. But after seeing this super small human, all I thought was how great it was not to be one of the parents. I like sleeping.