Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield (Action 2008)

So we just watched this movie this afternoon and out of 4 people, you have 2 of them with headaches, 3 of them want their money back, and my eyes totally hurt. This film was a mystery from its first introduction because the trailer was very cryptic in terms of what was causing all of the on-screen ruckus. It was filmed using the “shaky cam” method, so it was just like The Blair Witch Project. Obviously, this makes a lot of movie goers nauseous, and because of that, it might leave a bad taste in a lot of peoples’ mouths.

This film was about some creature attacking Manhattan and how a group of friends went to save a chick and then themselves. During the turmoil the military got called in, the monster itself dropped off little mini-monsters that looked like the bugs from Starship Troopers, and we all discovered that this guy’s video camera was a super camera. It had a flashlight, night vision, could withstand getting chomped on by a monster, could survive a helicopter crash, and had a Wonka everlasting battery.

This movie was yet another one with a lot of potential, but it landed on the grass instead of on the runway. The characters were realistic and believable, as was everyone’s reaction to the monster attack, so that was good. But having only this was ultimately not enough to push the story forward. We all came to see the damn monster and we barely got a glimpse of it. We also never got a back-story or explanation of what the monster was and where it came from so what the fuck was that? The special effects were good, but again…we want to see the monster, not a huge dust cloud that forms around a collapsed building or an exploded missile. The chick was hot though, go Odette Yustman. What an odd first name. But it's a hard thing to appreciate when you're feeling like you're going to yack.
Rating - B