Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rescue Dawn (Drama 2006)

I haven't seen a Nam P.O.W. film since the whole Missing in Action series back in the 80s, but surprisingly enough, those old school films totally beat out this one.

I'm a fan of Christian Bale so it certainly wasn't his acting that brought down this movie; the story is what lacked. Since this was based on a true story, I'm not punishing it for the plot, but more of how it was presented. The director tried to concentrate on the mental turmoil of the prisoners in the camp, but he didn't really do a good job with that. If this was the road that the director wanted to go down, he should've gone balls-out and done it. Because of the lack of skill in regards to using the "mental anguish" technique, the rest of the film fell flat on its face.

This wasn't as bad as a regular bad movie, but it did have a lot of potential that was not utilized.
Rating - C