Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Living in China (December 13, 2007)

So a few days ago was my first experience with snow in China. Surprisingly it wasn’t as dirty as I would’ve expected, considering all of the pollutants in the air. Many of my students who were from the South had never seen snow before, so it was quite the event that deserved some level of celebration. It’s kinda like that one time in Tucson where it snowed and everyone was all sorts of giddy.

Other than that, nothing really new happening. School is winding its way down so finals will be quickly approaching. Since Christmas and New Year’s are not as big here as it is back in the States, I’ll have to celebrate alone, or maybe with a few other teachers. I’ll be happy to go home for the break so that I can blow a ton of cash on all of the “After Christmas” sales that will hopefully still be going on.