Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crysis (FPS PC Game 2007)

Ever since its unveiling at E3, this game was labeled as one of the more anticipated games of the year. With the ultra-realistic graphics and a strong reputation as being the creators of Farcry, Crytek used their established beachhead to launch their new island FPS. Was this game all that it was supposed to be? Yes and no, but it was only a very small no.

To begin, let’s just say that I really like the direction that games are currently heading in. It’s no longer pointless shoot’em ups, but instead these games feel much more like playing within a movie. I think it all started way back in the day with Half-Life and being employed at Black Mesa, but now this much needed plot background has spread to more than a few other titles.

From the very beginning, Crysis was indeed immersive and plot-driven. You play as a U.S. Special Forces soldier, but you get to wear this nifty exo-suit that allows you to gain various advantages over enemies. This was just enough differentiation to make the game play interesting without totally making it unrealistic and boring. The guns were all fairly standard, as you were only allowed to carry 2 larger rifles and have a double pistol setup as your sidearm. It would’ve been nice to see different pistols like a Magnum or something, but through the whole game you were pretty much stuck with the pistols; that was a little lame.

The sound was good, but on par with other FPS out there. I don't know why they had the North Korean soldiers yelling in very crappy English when they would've realistically been yelling in Korean, but this was indeed one audio faux pas. The UI was very intuitive and easy to get accustomed to, especially all of the rifle modifications. The graphics, being the highlight of the game, were both a blessing and a curse. It was great because when you turned all of the settings up, everything looked so damn sharp. I will very much enjoy playing this game again a few years from now, when video cards can actually handle it. As you might’ve guessed, playing the game with the settings maxed out was 100% unplayable. It took a whole 17 seconds for me to shoot my gun (mouse-click to bang), if you’re in need of a reference. Like always I had to lower the resolution to 1024x768 and have most of the settings on low or medium. It was still fun, but I’m sure I was missing out on some wondrous graphical achievements.

The story was very good, until it got all alien. I don’t know…I like sci-fi stuff as much as the next guy, but somehow it seemed misplaced with this one. I hated being in the alien structure because it felt like I was playing old-school Descent, and I didn’t like that game at all.

The ending was a cliffhanger of sorts so there will be a sequel for sure. Hopefully it will have less alien stuff, although I highly doubt I’ll get my wish. I think I still enjoyed playing Call of Duty 4 more though, but this came in a close second. Overall it was a great game with only a few misgivings.
Rating - High