Saturday, November 03, 2007

Living in China (November 4, 2007)

I can't believe it's November already. October kinda just flew by for me, mainly because I didn't have to work that many hours, but that will soon change with this upcoming week as one more class will be added to my schedule.

There's really not a lot going on these days because it's so friggin' cold outside (55°F). The Internet totally bogs down during the evenings because all the students are inside screwing off on their computers instead of going outside to wander down the walking streets. Of course everything speeds back up when their dorm electricity gets cut :-)

Yeah, as you can read from my last movie review, I actually got to see a film in a theater this weekend. It was 75RMB, which is roughly equivalent to the prices we pay in the US. It had stadium seating and was hella clean, probably the cleanest theater I've ever been in, but I think it's because it's new, not because of actual sanitary standards. It also had assigned seating, just like airplanes or any fancy concert.

The rest of my weekend was me being coaxed into going into Beijing multiple times even though I didn't want to go. During my stay here, I try to make many "out of character" decisions to see if there is anything I am missing out on. The answer, I think, is no. People in both North America and on this continent seem to like wandering around with no apparent goals or destinations in mind, and they actually have fun doing it. I enjoy leaving home, only to complete a specific task and then to immediately return after that task is completed. I suppose that's an unchangeable personality trait because I was bored out of my mind while being squished into many Subway trains and having people invading my personal bubble wherever I went. The company I was with was good and all, but I just found it so annoying to be sitting on some stone steps in the middle of Beijing doing absolutely nothing. I would rather be staring at a monitor, mashing the keyboard while playing some game, or sleeping. Why go outside when you can be inside?