Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Home of the Brave (Drama 2006)

I suppose good intentions has to mean something when making a movie, but just that will not carry a film towards success. I felt sorry for this film because I knew what it was trying to do, to bring to light the many mental and emotional problems that war can cause to a soldier; but the way they addressed these problems, it in terms of a movie, was just so bad. The plot was very fragmented, it lacked in-depth character development, and it did not flow like a single story should. It was more like having 4 short stories artificially mushed together.

Samuel L. Jackson is still a great actor, just like Jessica Biel is still a crappy actor, so at least we know that both of their careers aren't flukes. 50 Cent played a stereotypical angry man, who could not deal with the level of self-control needed to be a functional member of civilian society. The new guy, Brian Presley, did a pretty blah job and was not too impressive.

Kudos goes out to what the writer and director "tried" to do, but in the end their efforts were wasted. They concentrated way too hard on displaying the extremes of emotional war wounds. This changed the film from being a realistic movie, into a very exaggerated one, and it was not convincing at all.
Rating - D