Sunday, November 25, 2007

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (FPS PC Game 2007)

So guess what DVD man has? Software! Yay...yes I was totally just bored out of my mind, wandering around looking for something to do, when I so happened to peer into a box that he had and a ton of pirated PC games were in it. Of course I would've rather purchased it from an EBgames back at home legitimately, but I'm in China...a country where it's hard a fuck to find exactly what you want. Who would've thought? I guess that's one great thing about America. When you have money and you want to blow it, the country's commercialistic design totally caters to your wants and needs.

In a one liner: This game was hella fun. It's good to see these FPS moving away from WWII. It's always fun to kill some Germans, but that gets old after a decade or so of the same crap.

The game played just like a movie, except you're in it. It had very intense game play, partnered with the music and atmosphere to back up everything. The visuals were good, except I had to turn down a ton of settings to have it work at my native resolution. The weapons were great, especially this anti-tank launcher called a Javelin. Oh God was it fun to shoot this thing. The first person campaign was a little short, but it was definitely well-designed. I don't play multi-player, so I didn't test any of that out. I'll be keeping this as my de facto test game when I get a new vid card or some other hardware.

I see that this game also got released to the 360. By all means, get it. It's very fun and well worth the money...and then you can sell it.
Rating - High