Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bee Movie (Animated 2007)

It's been quite a while since Jerry Seinfeld did anything in film or television, but why did he decide to use this movie that he wrote as some sort of catapult to get back into the game? He really should make another TV show because that is where I think his career started and ended.

This movie was made by Dreamworks, so that automatically says two things about it: they have a huge budget to play with and the story will be overly-simplistic, highly predictable, and totally linear. Whenever Dreamworks makes a film, it always turns out to be blah. After watching this, I immediately thought of Madagascar, because it also had non-memorable characters, visual overkill, and a boring plot.

I know I'm not 10 anymore, but would I actually have been entertained by this when I was that age? Let's hope not because it wasn't that good.
Rating - C