Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Thin Red Line (War Drama 1998)

A long time ago I remember asking a bunch of peeps if this was a good movie or not. What I got as an answer varied from "it sucked" to "I'm not sure, it was definitely worse than Saving Private Ryan, but it wasn't completely horrible."

9 years later I watched that exact same movie, and if asked the same question, my answer would be equally as ambiguous. I "think" what the writer intended for, was to illustrate how war can be very different in terms of each individual. I think he was trying to create what Flag of our Fathers did, which concentrated on what was going on in the minds of the soldiers. Clint Eastwood's movie had 3 people to focus on; this movie had around 10. Who signed off on this project?

The film was sorta odd because it very loosely followed a large group of soldiers fighting in the South Pacific; very loosely being the operative word here. It didn't spend enough time on the plot and instead zoomed inside the minds of many different solders as they had brief flashbacks or overly poetic monologues. There wasn't any type of consistency to this either. Some of the characters were given a shit-ton of face time while others were barely even glazed over, so it was very unbalanced in terms of the emotion that the director was trying to invoke.

Without a solid plot, a movie just doesn't work. This film had too much bullshit and too little story. If they would've balanced the equation properly, it would have turned out better. Still crappy of course, but still a little better. If you just cut off the hands of the writer, thereby preventing him from writing another film, I think that would be in everyone's best interest.
Rating - D