Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scarface (Action 1983)

Now I can see why so many consider this film to be a classic. Surprisingly enough, I've never actually seen this movie even though it was mentioned a bunch of times while I was growing up. People always thought that I would like it, but I was a tad apprehensive because people also thought I would like Fight Club, which I certainly did not.

Considering that this movie was made in 1983, you gotta give the peeps responsible for it some credit; it was a pretty good movie. We have a great lead actor, an interesting story, and a whole lot of guns and violence. Yes, the music totally sounded like the soundtrack to CHiPs, but again, we're talking about 1983. I don't think I could even talk at that age.

One interesting thing that I saw from the poster was that Oliver Stone wrote the screenplay for this. I find that really hard to believe since that talentless schmuck is the man responsible for such craptastic movies like Alexander, U Turn, and Natural Born Killers. To this day, I won't accept that he directed Platoon and Any Given Sunday because those movies were so damn good. It must've been the drugs...

Anyway, this was a solid action flick that showed how power can corrupt. I don't think anyone else has made such an in your face example of this. I'd like to believe that if I ever made it big, I would still go to Costco/Sam's Club to by my socks. You can never go wrong by bargain shopping in bulk.
Rating - A