Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Piano (Drama 1993)

3 Oscars back in 1994? Are you kidding me? This film sucked so bad that I actually sat here for 3 whole minutes because I was that baffled at what I read. How could so many people think that this piece of shit was any good? Do they realize that the whole plot revolved around adultery? I don't care if the chick was mute, that doesn't make her decision to be a skank any less disgraceful.

Besides my very one-sided view on this subject, the movie really did suck. It didn't have a concrete plot, young Anna Paquin didn't know how to act, and the music all came from a 19th century, boring-ass piano. This DVD will be in the big garbage can at the bottom of my apartment in about 10 minutes.
Rating - F