Friday, October 05, 2007

Next (Action 2007)

I'm not even sure that this movie made it to theaters because I can't remember ever seeing a preview for it. The film reminded me a lot of Deja Vu, except a little bit crappier. I don't know if that's because I like Denzel more than Nicolas Cage or if the film was actually better, but this one was definitely lacking.

The movie's plot was a little weird. Nicolas Cage's character can see 2 minutes into the future, so he can predict things before they happen. Like all action films, someone has stolen a nuclear bomb and is planning on detonating it on US soil. Julianne Moore's character is an FBI agent who is trying to find the bomb and is looking for Nicolas Cage's character to help with the mission. Jessica Biel is the lame love interest of the film and she gives it up really quickly.

It's a blah story with a blah grade.
Rating - C