Friday, October 26, 2007

Lucky Number Slevin (Action 2006)

This movie started out pretty shitty but it ended up being an O.K. flick. Yeah I was almost about to turn it off 15 minutes into it. That was how boring the beginning of it was.

I personally think that this was Josh Hartnett's best acting gig to date. He wasn't all that impressive in anything else he has been in like Pearl Harbor, 40 Days and 40 Nights, or Wicker Park. But in this film, he actually seemed to have a wee bit of talent; who would've thought.

The story gets better towards the middle and it peaks at end. Yes, it's one of those movies, kinda like The Sixth Sense in that regard. I swear I'll never understand where some of these writers get their ideas. I'm certainly not on the same creative wavelength with theses folks.

Although the film is a no-name one that you see at Blockbuster and quickly bypass, I'll reiterate that it's not half bad; not memorable of course, but still O.K.
Rating - B