Friday, October 26, 2007

Logitech Premium Notebook Headset (Random Product)

I purchased these bad boys right before I left the US. I mainly picked this model becasue it came with a case and becasue of its marketed portability. I've tested it out for a few months now, and they are actually pretty good. The earpieces are comfortable enough, the microphone can be retracted in case you're not using it, and everything does stay nice and snug in its plastic case.

The unit came with a stereo to USB connector for both the earphone and the mic, but this turned out to be very bulky and not much of an improvement over the analog lines. For one reason or another, when using the USB, it tends to mess up and stop working with no apparent cause. I've only used it with Skype, so I don't know if it's a hardware problem or a software one. I've since stopped using the USB connector and everything has been fine. The volume control and mute is very useful, as Logitech has put that feature on most of their headsets.

Overall it's a pretty good unit, but it does cost around $45, which is 3x more expensive than a cheaper model that I also own. When comparing the two, it's hard to justify the premium that you pay for the "portability" of the more expensive headset. There really is no difference in quality, both in construction and sound. If you're not a frequent traveler who needs their headset protected in a nifty plastic case, then you're totally better off by just going for the cheaper model.