Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Last Legion (Action 2007)

I've unintentionally been watching a lot of "D" rated movies lately so I might as well keep with the pattern. If you ever saw King Arthur with Keira Knightley, then you've already seen this movie. The only difference is that there is an annoying kid, Thomas Sangster, playing Romulus Augustus Caesar, who gets himself into predicaments because he's a pussy; and instead of Keira, you have Aishwarya Rai, a hot-ass chick from India who so happens to have natural blue eyes. That's as good as finding an Asian chick with green eyes.

Yeah the movie was so cheesy and predictable that it seemed like they purposely tried to copy King Arthur. You have a few roman soldiers, you have barbarian bad guys, you have British Celts, and you have Hadrian's Wall. That all sounds like the same movie to me.
Rating - D