Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia (Family Drama 2007)

This film was a blatant example of false advertising. They marketed it as a Labyrinth, Narnia, or something else with fantasy creatures and stuff, but it wasn't. This shoulda been kept as a Disney TV mini-movie instead of being made into a real film. It sucked. I can't express that enough; it hella sucked. I guess for the middle school demographic, perhaps some kids would like it, but it was a pretty crappy film, so anyone who says otherwise is probably someone who generally has crappy opinions.

Terabithia was only in the imagination of the two main actors, so they didn't actually go anywhere. How boring it that? Very. Even though Pan's Labyrinth was kinda crappy too, at least it had good sound and music. This movie was the work of an idiot.
Rating - F