Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blades of Glory (Comedy 2007)

As expected, this was a decently funny movie. Who would've thought that some no name like Jon Heder would be catapulted up through the ranks by a single odd film. I doubt he would've thought that he would be working with someone like Will Ferrell only a few years later. This isn't saying that either of these actors are good, but it is saying that they have both made it into mainstream films. Now if they can maintain that status, that's another issue.

The whole plot of this film was really silly as it tried its best to make fun of all aspects of competitive ice skating. Real peeps had little cameo roles too. I wonder how much they were paid for a few minutes of their time? Anyway, I laughed out loud probably around 3 times, but I think I found Old School to be more entertaining if you want a basis of comparison.
Rating - C