Thursday, March 15, 2007

Off to China!

So, the fam and I are departing in a few days so no more reviews for a while. If you want me to bring you back something or if you need to give anything to Jamie then holla. It'll be a crazy trip cuz it's like 35-50 degrees over there in addition to a recent report that next week in Shanghai it'll be raining all week...great. I'll put my 4GB SD card to good use though so I'll have to hook up an album thing through Picasa probably.

The Russian Dolls (Foreign French Romantic Comedy 2005)

This film was the sequel to the 2002 foreign hit The Spanish Apartment. That movie was about this group of peeps who all shared the same apartment in Spain while going to school, working, or just figuring stuff out. It had a unique feel to it becasue each of the roomies were from different parts of Europe and they all spoke a different language and only bits and pieces of everything else. They all pretty much had to get wing it while doing a lot of maturing and self-discovery after the college years.

This film is about what happened afterwards, while concentrating only on a few key characters. This fact actually hurt the overall film when compared to the first movie. Tailing around 2 characters is nice and dandy becasue you get a very intimate look at their lives, but one of the main reasons that the first was so good was that you had a lot of different personalities all interacting with each other. This heavily assisted with the group dynamic and made the movie much more interesting. If you liked the first one you might be a little disappointed with this film. The "moral" to this story was pretty good in terms of realistic character development, but again, having only one main character and a few supporting actors really doesn't cut it for a sequel like this.
Rating - C

Saturday, March 10, 2007

300 (War 2006)

Oh boy, the trailer started all the excitement and the actual movie finished with a 1-2 punch. This film was hella sick boy! Everything from special effects, cinematography, and even acting was very well done. The artistic style was quite appropriate for a story of this caliber. I'm sure some other director coulda tried to pull of a Ben-Hur with this, but I'm glad the term "epic" can be different depending on the director's sense of style.

The fighting sequences were oh so tight, kudos to the person responsible for the choreography. The blood was a little over the top at times, but considering that this was supposed to be based on a graphic novel, (i.e. Better drawn comic book with a lot more pages) it definitely did the job in its conversion over to a movie.

Even though most of his lines were hyped-up battle speeches, Gerard Butler was a very convincing and very believable King Leonidas. Hell, I woulda even followed that guy into the thick of it. The story tried to portray Queen Gorgo as a "strong female" character, but her actions in the film, although based on good intentions, were totally unacceptable in my mind. Even though everything "worked out" in the end, I still think it was a grave error to even go there.

Overall, this film was exactly what I was expecting; war, swords, fighting, and a lot of exaggerated special effects. Anyone with a penis will love this movie; and even if you don't, you should still dig it cuz it's just that cool.
Rating - A

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Good Year (Drama 2006)

This was an ok movie overall. The story was good, although a tad unbelievable at times. Russell Crowe played an asshole of sorts, but he does pull off that role with such esteem that it makes you wonder if he's really acting. The film was your average "seeing the light" type of flick where the main character matures into a good person in the span of two hours. I didn't find it touching in any way, as the trailer led us to believe, but two of the main chick characters were pretty hot so that definitely bounced it up a few steps.

Overall it was more standard than anything else. Acting was nothing extraordinary, and the comical scenes evoked only slight, playful chuckles. Maybe if I knew or cared about wine, would there have been some sort of interest in the actual setting of the story; but I don't, so it's all hogwash to me. The manner in which our charming main character "gets the girl" was lame and much too easy; only if all females put out that fast.
Rating - C

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Shut Up & Sing (Documentary 2006)

Well I have to admit, rarely do my opinions change about celebrities and other super rich folk, but this film actually gave me a new found respect for the Dixie Chicks. Everyone knows that I'm far from a country music fan; and actually, this movie has educated me on the fact that the band does not actually consider themselves part of that category anymore. Personally, I would place them with Shania Twain or Faith Hill as they were all able to break into mainstream music instead of being trapped in the drawls of the country music world.

The thing with this film was that it showed how these three women were actual people, who so happened to have a job as musical entertainers. This is quite the opposite from anything that used to be on TV like Jessica Simpson's, Ozzy Osbourne's, or Paris Hilton's old shows. Those definitely separated celebrity people and normal people; fuck those rich bastards who live on their cloud of money.

Anyhoo, the main meat of this documentary focused on showing what the band was like prior to a major incident in 2003, how they dealt with that drama, and how they kept on truckin' and are still producing albums today. It's fairly inspirational because they were at the top of their game, got turncoated by the majority of their fan base, and was still able to adapt while always keeping to their core opinions about Bush and the Iraq War. I think that's pretty commendable considering that most celebrities would buckle and fold at the sight of money flying away or a contract being canceled. I like peeps who speak their mind and are straight shooters about it, even though some may be rich.
Rating - A