Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Isle of Dogs (Animated Adventure 2018)

Very interesting style of movie. Probably the first I'm seen of the like. The film was artsy in its design but it did tell a pretty straightforward story. Music, creativeness, and voices were all well done. I dig.
Rating - B

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Hunter Killer (Action 2018)

This movie was pretty shitty, but at least it's on a ship. I got a thing for large boats for some reason...maybe because you got to have lots of peeps working together on it or else things go South.

Yeah so I barely remember that Olympus movie, but it had the same over-the-top action sequences wrapped around a terrible plot and mediocre acting. This was all that, just on a sub. Thankfully it was an airplane movie so no biggie with money or time investments, but yeah it was very blah besides that. No heavy brain usage here.
Rating - C

Bumblebee (Action 2018)

Man, I don't remember which online reviewer I watched who suggested that this was a good movie, but I may have to make it a point to track the dude down to block their channel. This movie blew ass, and to make matters worse it wasn't an airplane movie or a freebie. I actually paid through Google Play to hopefully have a good evening of movie watching; disappointment yo.

So yeah ever since the first Transformers came and went, all the rest have sucked pretty badly to the point that I really won't watch any of them anymore. But then out of the blue this one came along and I watched one review that said it was decent. I was wrong. This movie tried way too hard to play into the emotions of this primary teenage girl as she finds Bumblebee and tries to make a friend to get over her emotional issues with her dead pops. I get the premise, but they kept on going back to it like probably five times or so. We get it. The audience is not that dumb.

The rest of the movie was your regular over the top action that I just didn't want to watch since it's the same old special effects. Hopefully they don't make any more of these spin-offs because they just don't work.
Rating - D

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Captain Marvel (Action 2019)

So this was a very Girl Power type of movie. I'm kinda on the fence because the actual story was pretty good, but all of the action and acting was a bit 'eh'. Usually it's the other way around. I do like how the film mixes in with the rest of the Marvel universe, but yeah this one may be kinda forgettable.

The music was all from the 90s so that was interesting, and the way they de-aged Samuel L. Jackson was pretty snazzy as well. Overall it wasn't all that, but I wasn't bored either.
Rating - C

Monday, March 04, 2019

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (Animated 2018)

Pretty good Disney flick, very reminiscent of the first movie and Big Hero 6. It's funny that I don't recall cartoons really having deeper lessons other than your average GI Joe post-credits of not being a dumbass when left home alone. Oh the 80s. Like the whole theme in this film was about friendships, change, and being insecure. Deep stuff for an average chitlin. I didn't learn about those lessons until way later in life.

Anyway, the movie was as expected and it went pretty quick. Trailers these days show too much of the movie. They had some good scenes to describe the Internet and technology in general so that was interesting. There wasn't much additional character building, as most of that was already done in the first. No real complaints though, but it wasn't as good as the first comparatively. That is as expected for most animated flicks.
Rating - B

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Night School (Comedy 2018)

Sometimes it's best to just trust the reviews. Man this movie was trash. I couldn't get through it and it's been a while since I've seen something so generic that it could've been shot by a middle-schooler. Everything about this movie was simplistic and stupid. I can't even use the word immature because it was beyond that. Whoever wrote the screenplay for this junk should be tossed out an airlock. What a waste of money through and through.
Rating - F

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Intel Hades Canyon NUC

It's funny I can't seem to learn my lesson with these NUCs considering how long I actually owned the Skull Canyon for. Maybe I really wanted to test out the Vega M GPU to see if it could actually game.

So yeah since I already knew how a regular run-of-the-mill ITX build would perform, I wanted to test out this new NUC package to see how small it was and how it performed. To quickly summarize, it actually did what it was supposed to do. The i7 processor was noticeably faster than my ultrabook laptop and I was able to play any game I had in my Steam library at 1080p on High or Ultra High settings. Note that I haven't been AAA gaming for some time, but the machine could handle whatever I threw at it.

The power brick was huge and that was a turn-off, but the rest of the machine functioned pretty much perfectly. Was it worth the money though? No. In my research I noticed that if I got a Lenovo Thinkpad P1, I could get an equally-fast i7 processor, a comparable GPU that could game, and I would only need to pay a few hundred more.

I'd commend Intel for staying the course with these NUC systems though. They're cool pieces of technology that I'd recommend to anyone who wants a desktop, but doesn't want to stay with the old school builds, but for everyone else I think there are comparable laptops that may be better in terms of capabilities.