Sunday, July 15, 2018

12 Strong (War Action 2018)

So this one was about a group of green berets sent into Afghanistan after 9/11 to start up some shit against the Taliban. Was it a good movie when compared to its peers? No. Did it tell a story? Yes. I think this would fall into the category of just average since everything about it was sorta blah, but they did explain what happened during that time. It's a very forgettable film though so just be prepared for that level of quality.
Rating - C

Us and Them (Drama 2018)

So this was a Chinese film that was released on Netflix a few months back. I got to say was a very well-made film. Usually I can't say this about Chinese movies since they are usually not well put together, but I do think the acting was strong in this movie along with the story. I was personally surprised, but thumbs up for a good romantic yet dramatic film.
Rating - A

Tomb Raider (Action 2018)

For an action flick this one wasn't very good at all. The beginning of the film was all over the place and then the middle was just fluff until you got to the island. It didn't even feel like a crappy video game movie; it was much worse. They could've done so much more with the characters and pedigree, but instead you got shit. I still don't know if Vikander can really act or not. The last movie I saw her in, she was a robot.
Rating - D

Red Sparrow (Drama 2018)

So this movie was just average. It had some interesting scenes to build up the plot, but overall it was slow and not super impressive. The ending was nice but I still don't totally get it. All this espionage makes me think too much. The main thing that gets me is that if these intelligence peeps know who is a spy and not, why don't they have a ton more surveillance on them? This goes for both sides. I read somewhere that anyone working at an embassy in another country is pretty much a spy. Sure, some are actually government workers who do administrative stuff, but everyone else is there to gather intelligence.

Anyhoo, Lawrence did a good, convincing acting job. Kudos to acting, but not to the writing.
Rating - C

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Southwest Flight Cancellation and Points

I'm not one who makes it a habit of changing flights all too often, but since my decisions are rarely my own anymore, I sometimes get shoved towards opposing directions.

Fast forward to my Eureka for the week. I went to change a flight which I had purchased with points, but I had to pay cash money for the difference in the ticket price. It was only around $20 so no biggie since I had bought the original ticket a few weeks back, but that sorta annoyed me because I couldn't use points for the change. For the second flight, which I had also purchased with points, I performed a cancellation to see what would happen. So the result was pretty cool.

You'll immediately get credited back all of the points from the flight and the $11 and some change which was the tax will get applied to your rapid rewards number as a credit. I then rebooked the flight I wanted (which only had a minor time change) and everything zeroed out. The same number of points were taken away and the tax was paid for by the credit. Pretty neat hu? So yeah next time you buy a ticket from Southwest on points and you have to change it...just verify that the ticket/time is still available and then quickly do a cancellation and repurchase. Not sure if you need to be using the Southwest credit card to pull it off or if it's solely based on the points, but I did have a Rapid Rewards card and it totally works.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Annihilation (Sci-Fi Drama 2018)

Yeah I didn't like this movie. The trailer kinda summed it up, but the ending reminded me of some deep ethereal film that occasionally pops up every decade or so. Remember The Fountain? Yeah that's what we're talking about here.

The movie was slow and boring. Nothing really deep other than showing that some of the major characters had issues. The ending was anticlimactic and it further supported the fact that it was a pointless film. It's weird because the writer is the same guy who did Ex Machina and The Beach, both films which were good in their own way...this was trash compared to those. Maybe he is another Shyamalan?

Even if you're a Sci-Fi fan, just skip it. Save your energy for something else.
Rating - D

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ultrawide vs Regular Monitor

It's funny that when you have your mind set on a purchase, you go for it even though you probably have a bunch of reservations about making the correct decision or not. A year a so ago, after the break-in, I got myself a replacement 34" ultrawide screen monitor. It had all the bells and whistles with regards to 144hz, IPS, quick ms response time, large real estate, etc. but after I got it and played around a bit, I knew I was kinda screwed because the box was so damn big and I really didn't like using it.

Ultrawides are kinda a gimmick, at least from my point of view. They are indeed big but you really need to use more energy to look at the 2 extreme sides. I guess for some true multitaskers, it may be great having many apps up, but for me I didn't like it. On top of this, all of the bonus perks had issues. The faster screen made the colors and brightness all sorts of dark and sub-optimal. Whenever you gamed you had to reset many-a-settings so that the monitor would be usable. After all this I really wanted to go back to a smaller-sized monitor.

Luckily this weekend I was able to trade my 34" LG ultrawide for a Dell 144hz monitor with a TN panel. Honestly the panel isn't as bad as the LG one, and I totally dig the size of the 27". Good thing is that now that I've gotten it out of my system, I don't think I'll ever need to go higher than 27". Yes, it would've been great to have gotten a Dell IPS Ultrasharp, but at least I have an option of gaming with this one. Super happy with the change.

So what are some major takeaways? First, remember how large something is vs shipping. This monitor would've cost close to $100 just for the double-boxed shipping since the box itself was so large. Next, try your best to test out a monitor sitting down in a desk environment. This is hard since stores usually have them on display and you can't really get absorbed into it, but if you can and you notice something fishy, run since that same thing will bother you to death. Finally, do your research of the negatives and see if there is a pattern because chances are that you'll have the same problem. I personally am not a lucky guy when it comes to these things.